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Twitter Removed Share Counts

Has Twitter Removed Your Share Counts? Here’s How to Fix It

When Twitter announced near the end of 2015 that they would be removing share counts from the Twitter sharing buttons, many people were surprised. Some bloggers were outraged and even went as far as predicting the downfall of Twitter. Eighteen months on, however, Twitter is still with us, and it is still a great social network for sharing links to...


The Best Hashtags for Indie Authors in 2015

In this post I’ll reveal some of the most useful hashtags for indie authors. For those not familiar with hashtags they are essentially a keyword beginning with the “#” character. When someone writes a tweet they can include a hashtag to make it easier for people interested in that topic to find their tweets. For example I might include the hashtags #publishing...


What is Important for Indie Authors in 2015?

It’s that season when people love to post resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. Along with others in the publishing industry I have been reviewing “where we’re at” and “where we’re heading” as an industry in 2015. When considering where we’re at it’s helpful to remember just how far self-publishing has come in the past decade. It’s just over 7 years since Amazon launched the first Kindle eReader (in...