New Release: Kindle Superuser

101 Kindle Tips & ShortcutsMy latest ebook “Kindle Superuser – 101 Ways To Get More From Your Kindle” is now available in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Amazon’s Kindle 3 is a beautiful ebook reader and it is not surprising that readers love it so much. But did you ever notice that doing some things through the menu can involve a lot of steps? Most Kindle owners are astonished when they
discover all the shortcuts and hidden features on this device.

Did you know that the Kindle 3 ships with a hidden calculator and some popular games
already installed? And although most people know the Kindle 3 can play music and
display photos they have not worked out exactly how to transfer their files so they can listen to songs and create their own photo albums and slideshows.

“Kindle Superuser” is packed with tips and shortcuts to get the most from your Kindle 3. Best of all, this information is well-organized and very easy to navigate on a Kindle.

Visit the book page at the Kindle Store