The Indie Author’s Guide to Publishing Ebooks

Ebook Self Publishing GuideMy new guide for self-publishing ebook authors is now available. Only a few years ago people were saying that ebooks would come and go. Many people believed they were a short-term fad that would never replace books. Now with ebook sales overtaking print booksit is becoming clear that ebooks are not only here to stay but they are the main format for reading as we move into the future.

The way we read is changing. The way we publish is changing too!

Until recently the best way to publish your ebooks was to convert your documents into PDF format and sell them from your own web sites. Now ebook formats have evolved into more user-friendly files and you should now be making your ebooks available at the major ebook stores that have emerged in recent years such as Amazon’s Kindle Store and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Books.

Now an author can take a finished manuscript and self-publish it to the major ebook stores within a few days. This makes it easy for fans to find your ebooks and download these to their Kindles, Nooks, iPads, smartphones and other e-readers.

The Indie Author’s Guide to Publishing Ebooks” is a comprehensive guide to publishing your own ebooks. For further details on this new guide